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treehugger's podcast

where we re-imagine ecological restoration, promising a brighter future for human livelihoods and health as well as a just transition in a warming world.

Feb 26, 2020

Finally, an episode about forests. And climate. My guest Dr. Sally Aitken delivers a nuanced discussion that embraces the complexity of how climate has and will continue to drive change in our beloved long-lived tree species and plant communities.

Sally Aitken is currently a Professor and Associate Dean, Research and...

Feb 18, 2020

Restoration ecologists may be the optimists of biology. We are often hopeful and confident about the future and our work. Brianne Palmer is back to discuss hope and doubt, environmental change, community, environmental heroes and gratitude. This conversation was jumpstarted by Brianne's 2019 Opinion Article called

Feb 18, 2020

The Society for Ecological Restoration is a global community of restoration professionals all over the world. Bethanie Walder is our Executive Director, guiding the mission to expand restoration science, practice, policy and the community. The Society claims members in 81 countries and growing! You can be rest assured...