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treehugger's podcast

where we re-imagine ecological restoration, promising a brighter future for human livelihoods and health as well as a just transition in a warming world.

Feb 15, 2021

Think of this show when you are dismantling structures. The settler state reorganized the Elwha river physically and threatened the well-being of its original inhabitants for over a century. After the successful dam removals on the Elwha River, Whitney Mauer critically assesses the outcome of the restoration in light...

Feb 6, 2021

Found on the western edge of Turtle Island, the Pacific madrone (qʷuqʷuƛəc) is the largest and most charismatic species in the family Ericaceae. It is a broadleaf-evergreen tree that is rarely dominant in our forests, but indicative of very interesting plant communities.

Join me and the Arbutus ARME (pronounced like...