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where we re-imagine ecological restoration, promising a brighter future for human livelihoods and health as well as a just transition in a warming world.

Nov 11, 2020

A lot has happened in the past year since we first discussed microbiome rewilding with Jacob Mills. At this reunion, we chat about building our immune system, rewilding greenspaces equitably, cultural restoration, decolonizing science and restoration, and updates on Jacob’s research to restore native soil microbiota to urban greenspaces and schools.

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Mills, J. G., Weinstein, P., Gellie, N. J., Weyrich, L. S., Lowe, A. J., & Breed, M. F. (2017). Urban habitat restoration provides a human health benefit through microbiome rewilding: the Microbiome Rewilding Hypothesis. Restoration ecology, 25(6), 866-872.

Selway, C. A., Mills, J. G., Weinstein, P., Skelly, C., Yadav, S., Lowe, A., ... & Weyrich, L. S. (2020). Transfer of environmental microbes to the skin and respiratory tract of humans after urban green space exposureEnvironment International145, 106084.

Mills, Jacob G. Nature needs people, but people need connection: Can microbes be the 'joining dots'? Australasian Plant Conservation: Journal of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation, Vol. 29, No. 1, Jun-Aug 2020: 31-33.

Music on this episode was DJ Williams on YouTube

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