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Mar 9, 2020

Natural light from the sun is so vital to the health of every living thing. My guest on this episode is Dr. Travis Longcore. He is going to “illuminate” this topic of the ecology of light, especially focusing on impacts of artificial light at night. Light pollution doesn’t just affect our ecosystems. The loss of darkness is linked to increased energy consumption and a disrupted connection with the night sky. There are important consequences for human health too.

You can find out more about Travis by visiting his website

twitter: @travislongcore #lightpollution

And more about the Urban Wildlands Group at

Links to explore noted in the episode:

University of Utah in Salt Lake City developed a new undergraduate minor in dark sky studies in 2019 housed in the College of Architecture + Planning. 

Metro21: Smart Cities Institute at Carnegie Mellon

Loss of the night Berlin, interdisciplinary research project about light pollution

International Dark-Sky Association

Draft strategy for the Restoration Decade is up and available to peruse and comment on. Available at

Thanks for the Seattle band Dumb Thumbs for providing the theme song. You can find all of their tunes at

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